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Registry picture Tiffany Thompson William Thompson Sep 27, 2019
Registry picture Valerie Elizabeth Rhomberg William Kent Ellert Jun 15, 2019
Registry picture Taylor Miller Alex Turner Mar 30, 2019
Kristanya McKimmey Jason Stangel Mar 30, 2019
Registry picture Mary Christian Barr Christopher Mayo Mar 9, 2019
Sarah Brawner Joseph White Dec 8, 2018
Amanda Furr Scott Barber Nov 17, 2018
Natalie Fort Brian Atkinson Nov 10, 2018
Registry picture Madeline Buckthal Andrew Bennett Nov 3, 2018
Erika Bush Nate Maddrey Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Katie Braden David Rambie Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Christie Nettle Jake Meredith Oct 20, 2018
Kristina Smith Thomas Fitzgerald Oct 20, 2018
Registry picture Danielle Sisemore Matthew Dunn Oct 20, 2018
Happy Carlock James Madden Oct 13, 2018
Courtney Anigian Heath Townsend Oct 6, 2018
Leigh Holder John Foose Oct 6, 2018
Cecily Herrera Nunley Matt Nunley Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Laura Rowsey Gianni Gibelli Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Caroline Aston Royce Wilson Sep 22, 2018
Registry picture Alison Gross Pete Dale Sep 15, 2018
Liz Vache Miller Bentley Sep 15, 2018
Registry picture Paige Elizabeth Colen Hiram Brown Hollomon Sep 15, 2018
Registry picture Liza Miller Clayton Bell Sep 15, 2018
Registry picture Callan Harrison Jared Vanlandingham Sep 15, 2018
Registry picture Katy James Edward Beecherl Sep 8, 2018
Registry picture Norah Meier Steven Maroulis Sep 3, 2018
Registry picture Leslie Anwar Matthew Bruner Sep 1, 2018
Registry picture Margaret Hill Gentry Bowen Sep 1, 2018
Registry picture Sarah Beecherl Zach Allman Aug 25, 2018
Alicia Andrews Max Joseph Aug 25, 2018
Jenna Sichting Connor O'Reilly Aug 18, 2018
Registry picture Piper Smith Ryan Beal Aug 18, 2018
Registry picture Megan Knoebel Chad Rowan Aug 18, 2018
Mary Clare Crocker Justin Wells Aug 11, 2018
Registry picture Alexa Cook Augie Sherman Aug 4, 2018
Registry picture Merritt Owens Patrick Rose Aug 4, 2018
Registry picture Amy Stone Alex Jodry Jul 28, 2018
Registry picture Meighan Forrer JJ Williams Jul 28, 2018
Registry picture Isabel Miller Eric Pryzant Jul 21, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Gelsomini Michael Schneider Jul 21, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Toledo Robert Vaughn Jul 14, 2018
Annie Salem Blake Apel Jul 14, 2018
Katherine Helms Sean Sundby Jul 7, 2018
Ellie Blanchat Darragh Mallon Jul 7, 2018
Holly Lipscomb Brijon Montero Jun 30, 2018
Lauren Elizabeth Huddleston John Colin Grayson Jun 30, 2018
Registry picture Christine Chaney Brent Gafford Jun 30, 2018
Elizabeth Bright Jared Rose Jun 30, 2018
Elizabeth Wheelis Brit Sundberg Jun 16, 2018
Registry picture Bentley Borrego Michael Elliott Jun 16, 2018
Hailey Briggs Daniel Scott Jun 10, 2018
Registry picture Ellen Douglas Marsau Kenneth William Burger Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Kristen Byrd Christopher Sheffey Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Page John Coffman Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Meghan Derksen Brian Scott Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Kara Fisher Philip Bulhon Jun 9, 2018
Anna Baxter Christopher Wheelis Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Kellye Elizabeth McDade Ross Thomas Jun 9, 2018
Caroline Jones Wesley McGugin Jun 2, 2018
Registry picture Katie Kaelin Carson Fronterhouse Jun 2, 2018
Bonnie Aspasia Karamalegos Christopher Nilsen May 27, 2018
Registry picture Lindsey Wood Jackson Vickers May 26, 2018
Registry picture Brittany Baird Neil Goodwin May 26, 2018
Registry picture Casey Meredith Schneider Justus Wesley Young May 25, 2018
Registry picture Mason Nicole Meador Austin Christopher Jolesch May 19, 2018
Jackie Wheeler Ross Davis May 19, 2018
Registry picture Hannah Ray Clint Chaffin May 19, 2018
Sheridan Dietrich Bryan Reeder May 18, 2018
Registry picture Kiley Dunlap William Pipkin May 12, 2018
Laura Quisenberry Tom Menendez May 12, 2018
Registry picture Avery Farr Harrison Samuel Wood Meginnis May 12, 2018
Registry picture Rebecca Abbate Corey Dameron May 5, 2018
Sarah Brown Matt Cornelia May 5, 2018
Chrissie Carrington Derek Thompson May 5, 2018
Hillary Wallace Lance Douglas May 5, 2018
Registry picture Lamar Wilson Andy Osborne Apr 28, 2018
Registry picture Sarah Elizabeth Krawietz Chip Ramsey Apr 28, 2018
Jessica Russell David Parker Apr 28, 2018
Registry picture Elizabeth Anne Buttimer Michael Steven Sawvel Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Kendall Knobloch Wilson Waggoner Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Leigh Lawrence Brent Perkins Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Kristy Gudmundsson Chip Bond Apr 14, 2018
Registry picture Morgan McNeely Chris Miller Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Allie Fersing William Tindol Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Sidney Anthony Matt Schovee Apr 7, 2018
Bonner Carpenter Clayton Acker Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Alli Matthews Grant Jortner Apr 6, 2018
Sarah Catherine Perot Reed Ruschhaupt Mar 31, 2018
Registry picture Haley Michelle Hall Trevor Tamlyn Mar 24, 2018
Registry picture Tara Elizabeth Hafertepe Nicholas Joseph Kennedy Mar 17, 2018
Registry picture Caroline Burkett Ben Beecherl Mar 17, 2018
Katherine Hawkins Graham Weigand Mar 17, 2018
Registry picture Ashley Duncan Jason Ebanks Mar 17, 2018
Registry picture Helen Gardner Peter Crain Mar 10, 2018
Casey Ann Gribble Jack Brooks Yates Mar 10, 2018
Registry picture Kelli Hopson Jeff Marchetti Mar 3, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Lilley Ryan Lafitte Mar 3, 2018
Registry picture Caroline Baxter Coleman Akin Mar 3, 2018
Registry picture Samantha Pettus Jimmy Snell Feb 24, 2018
Registry picture Margaret Jane Wolcott Michael Thomas Reinbold Feb 17, 2018
Registry picture Merritt Milliorn Jess Manning Feb 10, 2018
Registry picture Torrey Vaughan Art Barnes Feb 10, 2018
Julie Susman Bear Murchison Feb 3, 2018
Registry picture Julianne Barns Josh Davis Jan 20, 2018
Registry picture Amy Taylor Robert Clark Jan 20, 2018
Registry picture Lauren Garza Michael Drinkwater Jan 20, 2018
Registry picture Michelle Lafitte Steve Owen Jan 20, 2018
Sarah Hipp David Hauptman Jan 13, 2018
Registry picture Caroline Baliker John Bonadelle Jan 13, 2018
Registry picture Annie Neely Marshall Mann Jan 13, 2018
Registry picture Stephanie Copeland Jeffrey Brown Jan 13, 2018
Registry picture Kelsey Diane Routh William Tarpley Dearmon Jan 6, 2018
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About our Bridal & Gift Registry Service

We specialize in wedding and bridal registries in Dallas and Texas. We have many years of experience in making brides and their families happy.

Our best wishes to...

Betsy & Seth who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

Caroline & Mattson who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

Laine & Layne who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

Top-50 Wedding & Bridal Gifts

Dinner Plate Juliska Whitewash Dinner Plate • $40.00
Red Wine Goblet Waterford Lismore Essence Red Wine Goblet • $80.00
White Wine Waterford Lismore Essence White Wine • $80.00

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What Are Brides Saying About Us?

~ Bonnie in TX

"Ivy House has been the best registry location ever! The ladies at the store are SO helpful and have the best taste. Ivy House also has an incredible selection of crystal and china mixed with more everyday use items. All in all, wonderful!"
~ Ellen in TX

"Everyone at Ivy house is so helpful and always remembered exactly who i was and what was on my registry when I came in. Highly recommend using them for your wedding registry!"
~ Leigh in TX

"Very easy to work with! Gorgeous china and lovely people! Ivy House really wants to work with you to make everything perfect and easy to manage."
~ Jackie in TX

~ Avery in TX

"Was a very easy and smooth process! You all were very helpful and knowledgeable and helped teach my new husband as well.

Thank you so much!!"
~ Laura in TX

"Great service - They knew me by name by the end of my wedding! So kind and fun to work with! Loved all of their suggestions and guidance."
~ Sarah in TX

"Wonderful selection and service! The options are high quality and the online selection gives even more options."
~ Madeline in TX

"Great service and selection!"
~ Kristy in TX

"The absolute best customer service! "
~ Margaret in TX

"Impeccable service!!"
~ Amy in TX

"The Ivy House is so easy to work with and they have the best selection! I highly recommend registering there!"
~ Caroline in TX

"We love the Ivy House and working with everyone there! They made the whole process easy and fun!"
~ Whitney in TX

~ Nicole in TX

"Wonderful customer service and wonderful selection of items. Online registry is easy to use. The only thing that would have made the whole experience easier is if they did deliveries, instead of having to pick up each gift. "
~ Mary in TX

"Great! Very helpful!"
~ Theresa in TX

"So easy to use and great customer service "
~ Lauren in TX

"Chelle is such a dream to work with! She is so quick to send me texts to let me know who-sent-what so I can write thank you notes. I would recommend Ivy House over and over to all my friends getting married."
~ Alex in TX

"Easy to setup our wedding registry; we loved the emails for whenever something was bought for us as a gift!"
~ Casey in TX

"Setting up our wedding registry at The Ivy House was easy and lots of fun. I still haven't gone to pick up the gift we received, but I anticipate I won't have any problems!"
~ Clarissa in TX

"Great! "
~ Katie in TX

~ Laine in TX

"Amazing! Great Help!"
~ Kaitlyn in TX

"Best place to register because the Ivy House team is extremely helpful in every aspect of the registry process - from deciding on your tablescape to completing your registry! I wouldn't go anywhere else! "
~ Alexandra in TX

~ Fleming in TX

"Excellent customer service and great inventory. Love the staff! Thanks so much Ivy House!"
~ Taj in TX

~ Callie in TX

"I love this place!! They make it SO easy to get everything in order!"
~ Julianne in TX

~ Annemarie in TX

~ Addie in TX

~ Leah in TX

"My experience was great. The staff is super nice and always so fast to let you know when you have a gift. The website is a little hard to work to add/remove a gift but overall a great experience. "
~ Ashley in TX

"My experience at The Ivy House was great! The staff was very helpful and made the process of picking out China, Silver and Crystal easy and fun!"
~ Mackenzie in TX

"The Ivy House is the easiest and friendliest bridal registry store with which I've worked so far. They make registering online and shopping online extremely easy, and even followed up with a phone call to welcome me."
~ Mary in AL

"This is the best place to register for your wedding. They offer exceptional customer service, carry beautiful pieces, and they are a local business. "
~ Amy in TX

"Chelle is wonderful-so helpful and sweet!"
~ Kristi in TX

"The best place to register for your wedding!! We cannot say enough great things about The Ivy House!
~ Morgan in TX

~ Sarah in TX

~ Caitlin in TX

"The BEST in Dallas! All the sales associates are so helpful and patient. They all know you by name and have great recommendations.

Also, I love how they allow gift givers to come in and select certain gifts, but they don't require them to give you the actual item. Purchasers have the option of writing what they have bought you on an Ivy House gift card, then you go in to pick up those items at your convenience. Or if several gift givers have given you the same thing, you can just use their cards as a store credit.

This process allows guests to buy something within their ideal price point and allows the couple to make easy returns if necessary.

Also, it lessens the amount of boxes you have in your house at any given time.

We are so happy to have registered with them. They are by far the easiest to work with as a bride and as a gift giver. A majority of our gifts came from Ivy House. I think it's because they have exceptional customer service and exceptional quality gifts.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience! We will be by once we get all of our Thank you notes written!"
~ Elizabeth in TX

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