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About Graf & Lantz

rowing up in Germany Holger is very familiar with felt used as traditional material. He went on to graduate with a PhD in engineering from the renowned Technische Universität in Munich, Germany and moved to Los Angeles to work as a structural engineer. On a trip back home he rediscovered felt and was inspired by its many uses in European design. What started with playing with a couple of yards of felt turned into a whole line of bags, home accessories not limited to felt but also other materials like leather and canvas. Even though he gave up his previous career to concentrate on this new venture the engineering background still shows in design philosophy stressing modern lines and structural aesthetics.

Daniel spent 10 years in Japan which heavily influences his design aesthetic. After attending Otaru Shoka Daigaku university he started an organic produce coop in the mountains of Hokkaido. The need to build a larger farm house drew him to Kajiwara Hisao, a famed wood artisan and master carpenter in the traditional Japanese style of wa daiku. His relationship with Kajiwara San shaped Daniel’s design ideals which are based in the marriage of understated luxury and traditional techniques.

The combination of east and west and ancient and modern are the basis and influences to the continued growth of Gräf & Lantz.

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